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Brain Based Enterprises

Brain Based Enterprises

Brain Based Enterprises offers a unique synthesis of intelligent thought fused with pragmatic and pithy insights on the art and discipline of leading enterprises, where intelligence, ideas and innovation are the currencies of Sustainable Coopetive Advantage (SCA).

From the first signs of intelligence through making axes and fire, we now have access to unprecedented powers of creation through the convergence of humanity and technology. Rapid and dramatic advances in our understanding of genomics, biotechnology, computing and robotics make it possible for us to create a better world or destroy what we have created. The author explores both sides of the Man-Machine dynamic so that you can choose wisely.

Expressed clearly and concisely, this book is essential reading for busy people seeking to inform and illuminate themselves with a rich mixture of pragmatism, inspiration and wisdom. Featuring numerous micro case-ettes from enterprises ranging from biotechnology to banking and bots, Brain Based Enterprises grounds the ideas for people seeking to make the most of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

"Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise" offers a unique synthesis of theory and practice in the art and discipline of creating great ideas and converting them into even greater innovations in business, society and the world. The book is a product of some 20 years fermentation and incubation of ideas, experiences and practice in the field.

Drawing upon leading edge research from academia but expressed clearly and concisely for the busy person seeking to inform and illuminate themselves with a depth of pragmatism and wisdom. Featuring interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson and numerous case examples from companies such as Pfizer, Nokia, Metro Bank, Innocent Drinks, Fender, 3M, Space Synapse, Cantium Scientific, Johnson and Johnson, Fuji Film, beCause and many more to ground the ideas and relate to busy people seeking practical inspiration.

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The Music of Business

For nearly 20 years now, I have been writing, speaking and consulting about the parallels between the business universe and the world of music, be it rock, jazz, classical etc. This follows my much longer involvement with three passions that have fuelled my career: Science, Business and Music. Many other leaders around the world have also seen the parallels.

The Music of Business offers a powerful dose of business intelligence mixed with the wisdom of pop and rock's monarchy. What can Lady Gaga, The Kaiser Chiefs and Andy Warhol teach you about Business Strategy? What can you learn about creativity and innovation from The Beatles, Prince and David Bowie? How can your company accelerate its growth through the wisdom of Meatloaf, Madonna or Motorhead? Can Jazz help you beat the competition? What can Punk Rock, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin teach you that an MBA cannot? Can Britney Spears and Spinal Tap help your company become a learning company? Read a review in The Guardian.

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Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll cuts through the jargon of leadership and personal development. It offers a real world source of inspiration and provocation in areas such as: creativity, innovation, relationships, motivation, leadership, high performance, learning and reinvention.  A unique mix of leading edge concepts with the streetwise wisdom of the music. Served up in a quirky, challenging but intelligent way. Tom Peters said of it: "Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll is a marvellous book, which closes the door on the tidy, hierarchical, know-your-place 'Orchestral Age' and ushers in a new, creative era of challenge and change. Hooray!" Read Professor Adrian Furnham's review in The Sunday Times.

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Punk Rock People Management

Punk Rock People Management strips down HR to the bare essentials for busy people and those who are sick of HR jargon getting in the way of running a business. In the spirit of punk, each chapter is just one page long, which means that you can read a chapter in less time than it takes to pogo to a Sex Pistols or Linkin Park song! Punk Rock PM is organised using the classic Life, Sex and Death HR cycle, in other words Hiring, Inspiring and Firing. If you have to get things done with people and can't get no satisfaction from an HR textbook, try "Punk Rock PM" for a refreshing difference.

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Best Practice Creativity

Creativity starts with a question, an itch to be scratched, some sand in your joints etc. This book started with twenty questions. I would like to share some of these with you:

  1. How does creativity link with innovation?
  2. Where are the opportunities in my company for increased performance? How can more creative approaches help?
  3. Can creativity be contrived or does one have to wait for it to pounce?
  4. How does culture, leadership style and values support or limit creativity and innovation?
  5. How can I get people in my company to let go of the habits of a lifetime?
  6. What techniques and processes can help develop ideas such that they become successful innovations?
  7. If I could have 202 ideas about making my company more creative, what would they be?

Sean D'Arcy of Shell reviewed the book in The Independent newspaper: "I enjoyed this practical guide to creativity. I also enjoyed the author's sense of humour, light touch, use of rock'n'roll metaphors and the concept of mixing the disciplines of business, art and music to enhance creativity. This book is a stylish, valuable guide to creativity and a useful reference tool for anyone working inside organisations and trying to make new things happen"

Ian Thornton added "I have read your book cover to cover. It is only the third management book I have ever done that to. You are in good company as the other two are 'Witchdoctors' (Wooldridge and someone) and 'Circle of Innovation' (Tom Peters)"

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